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More transgender bathroom background

In my previous post, I discussed recent transgender-related bathroom events. Now, to go back a little further, I wanted to mention two events that show how seriously some people take bathroom gender boundaries, and the lengths that law enforcement will go to.

A fellow poster of mine on the My Husband Betty Message Boards related a horrible story. Over ten years ago she was arrested in the “wrong” bathroom in her hometown, a large Southern city. She was sent to jail and, upon her release, ordered to receive mandatory “aversion therapy,” namely electric shocks applied while she viewed gay male pornographic images.

In February 2002, after protesting the World Economic Forum, transgender lawyer Dean Spade was arrested along with two friends for trying to use the men’s room at Grand Central. Here is a picture of the riot squad that was mobilized to arrest these three transgressors:

After reading about this incident, I attended Spade’s trial to show my support, and was pleased when the judge threw out all counts within five minutes. I got to meet Spade and his companions, and they seemed so physically non-threatening that the idea of all these cops waiting to arrest them is just silly.

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