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Update from City Council Speaker Quinn

Today I got an email from Christine Quinn, the first out lesbian speaker of the New York City Council, regarding transgender rights in bathrooms. It concerns the recent arrests in the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Statement by Speaker Christine C. Quinn:

Transgender Arrests at Port Authority Bus Terminal


On October 3, 2006, Port Authority Police arrested three young transgender individuals at the Port Authority Bus Terminal for allegedly trespassing. In response, I wrote the attached letter to the Port Authority asking them to fully investigate the circumstances under which this arrest occurred.


New York City Human Rights Law makes it illegal to discriminate based on individuals “actual or perceived gender” in housing, employment, and public accommodations. In my letter, I also made it clear that the Port Authority must fully investigate the circumstances of the arrest as well as claims of possible abuse and must initiate sensitivity training on LGBT issues for all Port Authority Law Enforcement personnel.

I’m very pleased that Speaker Quinn has taken action on this issue, and hopefully the other security forces in the city will take the hint and ensure that their personnel are familiar with the law.

I’m disappointed, however, because I contacted her four weeks ago with regard to the transwoman who claims to have been assaulted by a McDonald’s manager in Quinn’s district. I can understand if Quinn felt that the issue of three transwomen at a large public institution was a higher priority than a single-person bathroom in a restaurant. But to me, someone getting attacked with a lead pipe (and then arrested) is a higher priority than people being arrested. I hope she does something about this soon.