Before you reblog…

You want to be nice to trans people. Great! You find an article/listicle/blog post/tweet/study that you think is good for trans people. Great! But hold on a minute…

  • Does this attack, demonize, dismiss or exclude entire segments of the trans* population?
  • Does this claim to be talking about all trans* people, when it’s really just about those who transition?
  • Does this focus entirely on people who transition except for one line that’s basically “oh yeah, and genderqueer people too”?
  • Does this claim to tell you what all trans* people want/like/dislike/believe?
  • Does this talk about problems specific to poor trans people, but argue for benefits that will go to rich people?
  • Does this talk about “all,” “most,” percentages or probabilities for trans people without a representative sample?
  • Does this present personal beliefs as objective facts?
  • Does this rely heavily on sketchy, preliminary neuroscience for its argument?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, think twice! You may wind up hurting some segment of the trans population, or all of us.

I can’t speak on behalf of trans people, because we don’t hold elections! But please think, and use your best judgment!

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